Sunday, 14 October 2018

11. Glower Hair Care x Callmesheryl

I'm super excited to share with you guys that I'll be partnering up with Glower Hair Care for the next upcoming year as I work on improving my Hair & Scalp condition. As you all would know, I changed my hair colour countless times to countless colour over the past few years and all these chemical damage caused by the constant bleaching has taken its toll on my scalp especially.

Last week, I was invited to my first ever session with Glower Hair Care and would love to quickly share some highlights of the entire session (scalp & hair analysis + actual treatment) which lasted close to 2 hrs for me as I have slightly longer hair.

Once you arrive you would be greeted by Pauline and her lovely team and have your complimentary scalp & hair analysis using the latest state of the art machine as seen below.

It is crucial to understand and analyze your scalp and hair condition so that the most suitable treatment would be recommended to you. For myself, I have really dry, sensitive scalp. Dandruff and eczema on the bottom of my head is also something I struggle with for quite some time now. The white stuff you see close to the roots of my hair as seen above is actually dead skin cells (yes, quite unsightly I know)

As an introduction to the treatments that are to follow in the sessions to come, I was treated to a Deep Cleansing Session of my scalp.

Step 1: One of their hair care specialist gave my hair a thorough wash with Glower's Hydrating Shampoo

Step 2: I was treated with Glower's Scalp Serum to clear and detox my scalp

Step 3: Mulberry Plant Extract was fed into my scalp with a special tool as seen below. It is also known as their stem cell treatment to stimulate scalp and control any hair loss

Step 4: The hair care specialist gave my scalp a good massage for all the extracts to be absorbed even better (she also threw in a quick shoulder massage which is a definite plus point!)

Step 5: I was placed under Glower's state of the art hair care machine which emitted laser that helps to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp and therefore promoting hair growth

I was honestly pleasantly surprised to see a huge difference in my scalp condition in just 1 session! You can clearly see below that my scalp is looking much better and closer to what a healthy scalp should look like (shown on the top right of the machine) 

If you are facing any scalp or hair loss issues, please contact them here and get your FREE scalp and hair consultation today. To be aware of the actual issues you might be facing is definitely a step in the right direction to have healthier happier scalp & hair!

Glower Hair Care is located at: 190 Clemenceau Avenue #04-18 Singapore Shopping Centre Singapore 239924
(Near Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station)
+65 6338 8536

Once again, thank you Glower Hair Care for having me!

Till next time!

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