Wednesday, 1 July 2015

2. The unicorn life (my hair journey)

Waddup i'm back with the 2nd post of this blog hope i can keep this going. Well this post is for whoever that's curious about my ever changing hairstyles haha.

In 2010:

Most people don't know this but i actually shaved off one side of my hair just like Dara from 2ne1 back when they were promoting "I love you".

Of course i didn't look as good as she did but come on show me some love. Really loved the look but on the downside tho, i looked pretty ridiculous while trying to grow my hair. Would really love to show some photos but i can't seem to find any )': I guess it's pretty apparent that i have tendency of doing crazy shit with my hair all in the name of fashion haha.


Was in JC couldn't do nothing too crazy. The craziest was probably all the hairstyles i would tie everyday. I believed i had on different hairstyles every day of the week.


Uneventful year coupled with boring hair lol.


A better year but still with boring hair.


In April i had the opportunity to be part of the Goldwell Colourzoom hair show which saw me bleaching my hair for the first time and achieving a brown colour which i sometimes miss 

Then in June i was the model for my hairstylist Yuu Jin for an international hairstyling competition and went blonde + spotted an uneven fringe which till date i can't believe i did it. After a few rounds of bleaching this was the colour!

Final product for the shoot! Took probably 6 hours for 2 consecutive days in the salon to achieve this look (was really crazy). This is by far my favourite colour and i would honestly love to go back to this colour.

Then i went to a dark copper colour due to a job obligation where it quickly faded back to blonde (not even complaining)

In August i actually went back to exactly the same hairstyle as i had in June but most people i know couldn't even tell the difference (probably blonde is just blonde to them??) Bleached my brows too!

The roots grew out so quickly it wasn't even funny before you know it i had to go for another colour and this time i went for... granny hair! Sadly it faded back to blonde even before i could take any decent photos.

By then, it was already the end of the year and i was feeling the need of new fresh coat of colour and decided to go for something more subtle. Went for a golden orange type of colour which i really loved as well.


Of course there's no surprise that this colour too, faded back to blonde. Are you getting bored already??? Haha. This time i went for a pink colour!

Got my Barney game on not long ago! 

All my hair is done by Yuu Jin from Evolve Salon hook yourselves up if you wanna get crazy with your hair! (not paid to say this)

P.S. I'm always on the lookout for new opportunities to try out new hair colour/ hairstyles (call me hair salons *winks*)

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