Saturday, 11 August 2018

10. Indulgence Beauty x Callmesheryl

I have yet to talk about them that much on my social media platforms but Indulgence Beauty is one of the reasons why my skin has seen such a significant improvement over the months. They specialize in providing service excellence through personalized facial treatments and services. They use top notch products - MD Dermatics and technologies to treat many different skin conditions. I have been going for their facial services for 4 months now and boy I have to say that every session is as good as the last.

Once you arrive you would be greeted by Anna and her lovely team and have your complimentary digital skin analysis using the latest state of the art machine as seen below.  

It is so important to understand and analyze your skin before jumping into any facial treatments. Just like any problem that you face in life, you have to figure out and understand what is the problem before finding the solution. For myself, I have dry to combination skin and here's the list of treatments that I had so far:

Session 1: Md Clinical Facial Treatment 
Session 2: Aqua ST Facial Treatment 
Session 3: Oxy Liqui Facial Treatment 
Session 4: Indulgence Extraction Facial Treatment

Yes, all of the treatments are different every session which is not common amongst beauty salons (usually you would get a particular package which offers the same treatment throughout) but therein lies the beauty of Indulgence Beauty! They provide the treatment that is suitable for your skin condition (which obviously changes as time pass) so it only make sense to approach it this way. After the skin analysis, Anna and her team would recommend what is the treatment that suits your skin and there you go - time to start your treatment!

Here's me preparing for the treatment to start:

Oh yes, there are having a special promotion now:

 Indulgence extraction facial treatment @$88

Start pampering yourself by booking an appointment with them here!
Indulgence Beauty is located at: Blk 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-34 Singapore 082001
+65 62258980

Once again, thank you Indulgence Beauty for having me!

Till next time!

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

9. La Vie Aesthetics x Callmesheryl

If you follow me closely you would know that i've been visiting La Vie Aesthetics for quite a few months now and had the opportunity to experience one of their highly raved treatments - SparkleSmile Teeth Treatment (Teeth Whitening) and boy I couldn't stop raving about the whole experience. First of all, they are located conveniently at Orchard Gateway, near Somerset MRT - definitely a plus point in my books. I know the next point has nothing to do with the treatment but I had to take a few moments to appreciate their attention to details from their Tiffany Blue interior to how they had a vanity area for you to freshen up after your treatment - they had it all down. 

More on their SparkleSmile Teeth Treatment (Teeth Whitening):

Of course, we have to mention the reason why we are all here: to talk about the treatment.
  • Achieved through utilizing a blue LED teeth whitening technology along with an application of non-peroxide teeth whitening gel.
  • The LED light activates the teeth whitening gel which in turn whitens the teeth and remove any tooth stains or discolorations. 
  • It is a non-invasive and painless solution (the treatment does not involve heat, needles or drills during the procedure. It is suitable for sensitive teeth and does not damage tooth enamel or teeth structure) 
  • The treatment is capable of removing all kinds of tooth stains such as those arising from coffee, wine, smoking, aging and medication
Now for the important question that many would ask: Does it really work?

If you look at the picture above, I used to be a 24 (9th teeth from the right) and after just 1 treatment, one of their staff did a comparison for me and my teeth whitened a few shades to 18 (9th teeth from the left coincidentally haha). Still not convinced? See the photos taken below just before (top) and directly after (bottom) the treatment. 

On top of their SparkleSmile Teeth Treatment (Teeth Whitening) they also offer a wide range of other services: from Face Treatments to Body Slimming and even Hair Removal! You can see all of their special promotions here!

La Vie Aesthetics is located at: 277 Orchard Road #04-08 Orchard Gateway

Once again, thank you La Vie Aesthetics for having me and looking forward to start my first BYEfats (Body Slimming) treatment with them!

Till next time!

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