Wednesday, 30 March 2016

6. Samsung Fashion Steps Out 2016 with Clozette

Starting off this post with the cutest child model of the night that stole my heart. A pity i didn't manage to capture a photo of him looking into the camera (had to take videos and update snapchat y'know.... first world problems haha)

Night started off with the fashion party at Paragon mall and it was filled with all them celebrities and fashionistas i couldn't keep up. Literally every corner you turned, everyone was dressed up to the nines. 

Was probably the only one wearing sneakers but hey can you really blame me i had school earlier on that day haha. Didn't really manage to capture that much pictures here tho was still trying to soak up the atmosphere. With the lovely Clozette community!

After which we made our way to orchard road and you know your girl had to get some photos standing in the middle of the road cause how often can you actually do that you feel me?

Everything was so fast paced i was busy trying to balance between living in the moment as well as documenting the event in images/videos. Anyone has that problem as well? That also explains the quality of shots that i took so pardon me haha. 

For this year's Samsung Fashion Steps Out, the following brands FOX Kids & Baby, Raffles Privato, MASH-UP, PHANTACi, RÊVASSEUR, SEAN & SHEILA, Thomas Wee, UNIQLO LifeWear showcased their lovely collection along the streets of Orchard Road (photos are in no particular order).


I actually realised that i captured more footages than images. Still contemplating if i should do up a video let me know what you guys think!

Once again, thank you Clozette for sending me out and for the wonderful night! If you're interested, all these showcases and exhibitions would be on in Orchard Road and its malls from now till 8 May 2016.

Do find out more here

See y'all next time! xx

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